Thermal imager comes with signal processing

Thermal imager comes with signal processing

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The ATI320 thermal imager, from Lynred SA (Grenoble, France) offers embedded image correction features.
By Peter Clarke


The product’s embedded features, with a lens available as an option, aim at saving camera makers time and effort in integrating thermal imaging during the development and manufacturing process. The camera is shutterless.

Product performance

Resolution: 320×240; 12µm pixel pitch

NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference): f/1, 300 K scene, 20°C ambient for ATI320S version: <60mK

Scene dynamic >100°C

Operating T°C range: -40°C; +85°C

Full digital product with power consumption <400mW, when an image signal processing is fully activated

Frame rate: 60Hz

Standards compliance: Mil-Std-810/883

Weight: <3g for ATI320S version; <7g for ATI320L version

The ATI320 is suitable for camera makers in industrial, consumer equipment and safety across a broad range of activities, for example in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial thermal inspection.

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