TI launches 60GHz sensor for industrial electronics

TI launches 60GHz sensor for industrial electronics
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The IWR6843A from Texas Instruments is an ultra-wideband RF sensor that can detect objects, people, and motion, with up to 16 times greater resolution than 24GHz sensors.
By Peter Clarke


It operates in the license-free 60 to 64GHz band and comes with an DSP, FFT accelerator and MCU on-chip and the component includes antenna-on-package. The package includes four transmitters and three receivers.

Users can use the sensor for a range of robotics, factory automation and building automation designs. The chip provides up 4GHz of data bandwidth. Typical applications include: people counting, motion detection, robotics, safety guards, vital sign monitoring, and more and the technology operates through materials such as glass, plastic and “dry-wall” or plasterboard.

TI also supplies application-specific algorithms, and multiple reference designs.

Pre-production IWR6843 devices will be available from November 12. The IWR6843 modular development platform is available for US $324.

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