TI releases an all-in-one enterprise tablet solution for less than USD70 total BOM

TI releases an all-in-one enterprise tablet solution for less than USD70 total BOM

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Texas Instruments Incorporated and AllGo Embedded Systems, a TI Design Network member, have introduced the new all-in-one Electronic Tablet (eTAB) Reference Design, allowing developers to get to market with a complete, customized enterprise tablet in as little as three months.
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The highly-integrated eTAB Reference Design extends TI’s commitment of innovation to fast-growing industries such as industrial, healthcare, education, retail, home, building automation, and more. Based on the Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the eTAB Reference Design has a total BOM of less than $70 and uses the Android 4.0 operating system.

No longer are customers limited to ‘off-the-shelf’ tablet solutions. With the eTAB Reference Design, customers can customize software and hardware to easily integrate market-specific features like barcode scanners, contact or contactless card readers and biometric sensors, among others. Additional customization with multiple audio, connectivity and power management options are also available from TI, allowing developers to differentiate their final products. Given its many configuration options, the eTAB Reference Design offers a developer more flexibility to support cost-sensitive enterprise applications. For example, the design can be customized to build standalone tablets or integrated as a control panel in appliances or industrial machinery.

The eTAB Reference Design features a 7 inch dual touch screen capacitive LCD panel, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and a TPS65910 device which offers a highly integrated and efficient Power Management Unit (PMU) with 4 DC/DC converters and 8 LDOs.

“This Electronic Tablet (eTAB) Reference Design provides developers with a compelling platform to customize their industry-specific applications at a much lower cost than commercial tablets available in the market today,” said Ram Sathappan, electronic point-of-sale business manager, TI. “We continue to see tablets being used across multiple industries and because of AllGo Embedded System’s support, our customers will be able to take advantage of this out-of-box experience and get to market quickly.”

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