Universal MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules

Universal MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules

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Silicon Designs has launched the 60 Series of highly rugged industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, with integral amplification. Available in eight different models and in both single axis and triaxial versions, the 60 Series features measurement ranges from 2 g to 400 g.
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These rugged, lower cost sensors offer reliable high-precision shock, vibration, and acceleration measurements across a broad range of automotive, aerospace, industrial, power generation, and test and measurement applications. Design of the new 60 Series combines either a single model, or three orthogonally block-mounted models, within a single epoxy seam-sealed anodized aluminium housing. Silicon Designs’ 100% in-house manufacturing and rigorous testing processes, along with the incorporation of additive micromachining and integrated circuit technology, result in a highly reliable MEMS capacitive sensor tailored for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications. In addition, the company’s own proprietary manufacturing technology allows for on-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference, making the units relatively insensitive to temperature and voltage changes and eliminating the need for external power amplification and regulation.
All modules are easily mounted to a test article or fixture via glue, epoxy, or two #8 or M4 screws. Carefully regulated manufacturing processes ensure that each sensor is consistently made to be virtually identical, allowing users to swap out modules with little or no testing modifications, saving both time and resources.

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