Vesper offers “drop-in” piezo MEMS mic for arrays

Vesper offers “drop-in” piezo MEMS mic for arrays
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Vesper Technologies Inc. (Boston, Mass.) has launched a piezoelectric MEMS microphone, the VM2000, optimized for use in arrays and as a drop-in replacement for capacitive alternatives.
By Peter Clarke


Despite their growing adoption, microphone arrays using capacitive MEMS microphones are prone to degrade over time and single failures that can diminish or destroy directional performance.

Vesper has therefore introduced the VM2000 for use in smart speakers were up to eight MEMS microphones are used, for smart home automation systems, smart earbuds, smartphones and diverse IoT products.

The VM2000 is slightly larger and slightly less sensitive than the VM1010 – but it includes features such as RF protection that are important when the array is close to a speaker. The SNR performance is 66dB (versus 68dB on the VM1010) and the package size is 3.76mm by 2.95mm by 1.3mm but the device is a drop-in replacement for existing capacitive MEMS microphones.

The piezoelectric MEMS technology is natively immune to environmental contaminants such as dust, water, humidity, oil and particulate matter and stiction – which can effect moving-mass capacitive MEMS devices. An acoustic overload point (AOP) of 133 dB sound pressure level (SPL), supports speech recognition in loud environments.

The VM2000 is sampling and will be in volume production in 1Q18.

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