Vesper offers voice-control development platform

Vesper offers voice-control development platform

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Piezoeletrics MEMS microphone vendor Vesper Technologies Inc. (Boston, Mass.) has teamed up with wireless chipset company DSP Goup Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) and software company Sensory Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) to create a development platform.
By Peter Clarke


The three companies have what they claim is the lowest power consumption for a far-field always-listening voice interface, and one that enables such systems to be battery operated.

The platform integrates Vesper’s VM1010 piezoelectric MEMS microphone, DSP Group’s DBMD4 always on audio processor and Sensory’s voice-control software. The system can be set up so that only a specific trigger word wakes up the device.

Vesper states that the VM1010 draws 8-microamps while in listening mode and it with its analog output can be used to wake up the rest of the system. The VM1010 also offers a programmable voice zone variable from a 5-foot radius to a 20-foot radius. The MEMS microphone has a signal-to-noise ratio of 64dB(A) and a package size of 3.76mm by 2.65mm by 0.96mm.

The ICS40730 microphone from InvenSense Inc. also delivers an analog output and comes in a bottom port surface mount package but InvenSense claims for it an SNR of 74dB (see MEMS mic targets voice-control).

In a statement Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper, said the rugged nature of piezoelectric microphones meant that the Vesper platform is suitable for systems that need to survive outdoors or in harsh environments. Crowley added: The Vesper-DSP Group-Sensory wake-on-sound platform consumes 5x less power than existing approaches, potentially allowing products to run for years rather than months without battery replacement.”

The TrulyHandsfree voice-activation software present on the platform has already shipped in more than one billion pieces of electronic equipment, according to Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.

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