Weebit shows ‘selector’ for stand-alone ReRAM

Weebit shows ‘selector’ for stand-alone ReRAM

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Weebit Nano Ltd. (Hod Hasharon, Israel) has demonstrated the integration of an ovonic threshold switch (OTS) selector with its oxide-based ReRAM nonvolatile memory.
By Peter Clarke


The company announced its intention to optimize a selector for its silicon-oxide ReRAM in February 2020 (see Weebit Nano seeks ‘selector’ for discrete memory market entry). Weebit worked with development partner CEA-Leti. CEA-Leti has built up considerable experience in the area having created OTS selector for phase change memory arrays.

The OTS is usually germanium-selenium based on an electrode cross-point so it can sit under or above the memory cell being selected. The selector serves a key role in two-terminal memories in that it selects the memory cell being addressed and prevents sneak paths through the array bypassing the selected cell.

It will enable the implementation of 3D memory stacking and crossbar memory architectures, Weebit said.

In the case of embedded memory a transistor is typically used as the selector device, Weebit asserted. But in the case of discrete memory this would be too costly in terms of die area. The OTS cross-point switch allows the selector to be stacked with the memory cell and enables a bit cell size of 4F2.

“Weebit’s combination of ReRAM with an OTS selector promises to scale to the advanced processes and high memory densities that new memory chips will need,” said Jim Handy of Objective Analysis, in a statement issued by Weebit.

In the same statement Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit, said: “We see a broad range of opportunities for discrete ReRAM, from NOR flash to storage class memory, in a range of segments. Given our 2024 target for a discrete solution, we anticipate that other opportunities will arise as well.”

Hanoch said Weebit is making progress with its near-term focus on developing an embedded memory module

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