Enabling long reach Ethernet to the field with 10Base-T1L connectivity

By Analog Devices Inc.
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10BASE-T1L dramatically changes the process automation industry by significantly improving plant operational efficiency through seamless Ethernet connectivity to field-level devices (sensors and actuators). 10BASE-T1L solves the challenges that, to-date, have limited the use of Ethernet to the field in process automation. Read More

With 10BASE-T1L, Ethernet packets move from the field level to the control level, and eventually to the cloud, without gateways, realizing the goals of an Industrial 4.0 unified IT/OT network. With significantly more power available, new types of field devices with enhanced features and functions can be enabled. Transparent IP addressability of each field-level device will dramatically simplify the installation, configuration, and maintenance of 10BASE-T1L connected instruments. 10BASE-T1L will unlock new field devices, rich datasets for cloud computing, and advanced data analytics. Plant operational efficiency will be increased through the access of actionable insights from their processes, accelerating the deployment of more complex process automation production facilities in the future.

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Maurice O’Brien is the strategic marketing manager for industrial connectivity at Analog Devices. He is responsible for the strategy supporting Industrial Ethernet connectivity solutions for industrial applications. Prior to this role, Maurice spent 15 years working in applications and marketing roles in power management with Analog Devices. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronic engineering from the University of Limerick, Ireland. He can be reached at maurice.obrien@analog.com.

Volker E. Goller is a systems applications engineer with Analog Devices and has over 30 years of experience with a diverse set of industrial applications ranging from complex motion control and embedded sensors to time sensitive networking technology. A software developer by trade, Volker has developed a wide variety of communication protocols and stacks for wireless and wired applications while actively engaging in fielding new communication standards through his involvement in leading industry organizations. He can be reached at volker.goller@analog.com

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