Industry 4.0: How to improve Quality with Sensors, IoT and Data Analysis

By Italtel
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In addition to improving production processes, the use of IoT technology in the industrial field can prove to be of great importance in improving the quality of production and the product itself. For this purpose, the use of specialized sensors is fundamental: sensors with very distinctive specificities that are inserted at the level of machinery or production line in addition to the existing ones. Due to their nature, the vast majority of production machines are born already sensorized, because the computer (PLC) that governs and controls the specific industrial process carried out by a machine is based on a whole series of sensors inside the machine itself to perform at best its production schedule. The real opportunity linked to the IoT in the factory is actually related to the possibility of adding specialized sensors that are aimed at controlling and optimizing the quality of production. Improving the quality of production means gathering useful information to better understand your production process in order to be able to carry out corrective actions in real time (during production) or decide and implement improvement actions after a more in-depth analysis of even historical data, through industrial analytics. This path is not always simple or easy. Read More

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