New motor drive board optimized for 18 V battery-powered tools | Application Note

By Infineon Technologies AG
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The application note describes the functionalities of the EVAL_6EDL7141_TRAP_1SH 18 V motor drive board for battery-powered brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives with trapezoidal control, used in applications such as cordless power tools. This evaluation board operates with motors that include integrated Hall sensors for rotor position sensing. This solution combines an XMC1400 series microcontroller with the newly released 6EDL7141 three-phase smart driver IC and Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 6 best-in-class power MOSFETs. The 6EDL7141 reduces system component count and development time-to-market, while at the same time significantly increasing the power density, system performance and peak power pulse capabilities. The graphical user interface (GUI) software tool designed for configuring the 6EDL7141 is also being introduced. Sounds interesting? Download now. Read More

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