Qorvo: More Power to Zigbee 3.0: Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Thread ‘unmeshed’

By Qorvo
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Since Green Power became a standard feature of Zigbee 3.0, can we now expect Green Power sensors everywhere? Indeed, the Green Power specification enables extremely low-power and low-cost coin cell-based sensors, because it offloads all the complexity related to meshing. But where did the meshing go? Don’t we need it anymore? And by the way, just when it becomes possible to build an “unmeshed” Zigbee network, Wi-Fi “meshing” seems to be gaining popularity in the market. In this new white paper, Cees Links gives an overview of Green Power as Zigbee feature; he helps also understanding Wi-Fi meshing, talks about IoT standards and explains which changes can be expected. Qorvo Wireless Connectivity Read More

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