StrongIRFET™, 100 V – 300 V, TO-247 MOSFET training.

By Infineon Technologies AG
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Read this training course to gget an Overview of the StrongIRFET™ family , its target applications and its advantages , the benefits of StrongIRFET™ and its competitive landscape and a short summary to highlight the main points of this course. Infineon’s latest generation of 100 V to 300 V StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs, in a TO-247 package, use best-inclass silicon to achieve benchmark performance in high power, high performance, rugged applications. As efficiency, robustness, and ruggedness are crucial factors in the overall system performance and reliability, our best-in-class silicon, combined with a robust TO-247 package, gives customers an improvement in power savings, efficiency, and thermals, when compared to the previous generations of Infineon devices. Not only does the new power MOSFETs defend our majority share of existing sockets compared to competitors like ST Microelectronics, IXYS, ON Semiconductor, Vishay, and AOS but also captures new business in existing markets and new applications. The target applications for StrongIRFET™ include high power inverters and switch mode power supplies. Read More

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