Women are one sixth of Europe’s ICT work force

Women are one sixth of Europe’s ICT work force
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In 2016 there were more than 8 million people in Europe working as information and communications technology specialists and 83.3 percent of them were men and 16.7 percent women, according to the Eurostat statistics agency.
By Peter Clarke


Within the European Union the number of ICT professionals has increased from 6.38 million and 3.0 percent of the working population in 2011 to 8.21 million in 2016 and 3.7 percent of total employment.

ICT is a well-educated profession with 61.8 percent having one or more qualifications at tertiary level, according to Eurostat’s research. It is also a profession that continues to be in demand as 41 percent of the enterprises that employ or seek to employ ICT professionals said it had been difficult to fill vacancies.

In 2016 three member states accounted for more than half the ICT specialist employed in the EU. The UK led with 1.61 million people or 5.1 percent of its working population. UK was followed by Germany with 1.54 million workers or 3.7 percent of the workforce and France with 1.00 million representing 3.8 percent of its workforce.

The most heavily ICT-oriented countries in the survey were Finland and Sweden where 6.6 and 6.3 percent of the workforce are employed in that profession respectively. At the opposite end of the scale Greece, with 1.4 percent, and Romania, with 2.0 percent, have the lowest percentages of their workforces engaged in ICT.

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