World’s smallest wearable mouse

World’s smallest wearable mouse

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MindStream has announced ThumbTrack™, the world's smallest wearable mouse.
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ThumbTrack is an ergonomic, wearable ring-shaped mouse that performs all the functions of a traditional mouse using simple thumb movements. The previous Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign raised $31,667, an indication of how much the public is interested this concept.

ThumbTrack is a high-tech mouse device offering a responsive 1200 dpi. A single charge of the on-board battery will last up to 15 hours; 7 days on standby. No software needs to be to installed. Three detachable contoured rubber flaps are included that enable it to be worn by all finger sizes.

CEO, Vanessa Laughlin, commented, "Sometimes all it takes to make a good idea into an outstanding one is a bit of innovative thinking. This is exactly what MindStream did when creating ThumbTrack, the world’s smallest wearable mouse."

ThumbTrack is the wireless and wearable mouse that fits perfectly on the index finger, and is comfortably worn on either the left or right hand. Forget about cables as none are required. A micro-USB-dongle acts as a wireless receiver that is effective for up to nine feet. It also fits securely in the device’s back flap for easy storage.

Laughlin added, "The standard desktop mouse is now relegated to history, a sign of things past. Gone are the risks of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or other repetitive strain injuries. Uncomfortable working positions are also a thing of the past. Work without tense muscles and watch output soar."

The team at MindStream has already invested major resources into R&D in order to get ThumbTrack where it is today. Over a year in development, several prototypes were built as the design was gradually improved. Additional funding is needed to complete development, and initiate tooling and manufacturing. Funds will be used for: engineering, plastic injection molding/tooling, obtaining FCC and CE certifications, and logistics and distribution.

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