Würth offers USB-3.1 components

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By Peter Clarke

The standard requires a 20V supply but allows for data rates of 10Gbit/s compared with the 5Gbit/s of older versions of the standard.

Under the designation WR-COM USB3.1 Superspeed+ Würth offers a type-A jack with power delivery up to a maximum of 5 A/20 VDC that is designed for at least 5,000 plugging cycles as well as type-C plugs and jacks (3A/5VDC) for at least 10,000 plugging cycles. The jacks are available for 1.0-mm and 1.6-mm circuit boards, the plugs for 0.8-mm circuit boards.

In addition, Würth Elektronik eiSos also offers a broad range of cables.

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