32.768 kHz MEMS resonator is only 0.9x0.6x0.3mm

October 18, 2018 //By Julien Happich
32.768 kHz MEMS resonator is only 0.9x0.6x0.3mm
Measuring just 0.9x0.6x0.3mm (50 % smaller than a conventional 32.768 kHz crystal resonator), the WMRAG series 32.768 kHz MEMS resonator is the world’s smallest, claims manufacturer Murata.

Based on miniature MEMS technology, the new resonators exhibit stable frequency characteristics with a temperature drift of under 160 ppm across their operating range of -30 to +85°C. Initial frequency accuracy is ±20 ppm which is at the level expected of a more sophisticated (and expensive) crystal resonator. An in-built 6.9pf capacitor reduces the components necessary for the circuit that generates the reference clock signal, thereby reducing the space required as well as giving designers more flexibility in designing their solution. Available in silicon-based wafer-level chip scale packaging (WL-CSP), the resonator can be fully integrated into an IC made of a homogeneous semiconductor material. The new resonator generates stable reference clock signals by reducing the IC gain based on a low ESR value of 75 kΩ. Internal tests at Murata indicate that the device cuts power consumption by 13% when compared to conventional 32,768 kHz resonators. Mass production of the new resonator is scheduled to begin in December 2018.

Murata -  www.murata.com   

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