3D magnetic positioning sensor enables ADAS

May 21, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
3D magnetic positioning sensor enables ADAS
The A31315 magnetic positioning sensor from Allegro Microsystems Inc. meets ASIL-D requirements for safety-critical automotive applications.

Allegro states its 3DMAG sensors combine planar and vertical Hall-effect technologies to measure magnetic field components along x, y and z axes enabling 3D sensing capabilities across a wide magnetic dynamic range without saturation.

The A31315 brings superior accuracy and on-chip diagnostics as improvements beyond the established sensors, the ALS31300 and the ALS31313.

It supports both rotary and linear position with accuracy to less than 1.2 degrees over the sensor's full -40°C ~ +150°C operating range. The A31315 sensor supports ASIL-B (single die) and ASIL-D (dual die) system-level integration in accordance with ISO 26262 and is automotive qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0.

The A31315 sensor is available as a single die in a compact SOIC-8 package, and as a redundant stacked dual die in a TSSOP-14 package for applications requiring redundancy or higher levels of measurement.

The sensor includes programmable channel trim and linearisation options can easily be adjusted to the magnetic circuitry to optimise for both accuracy and manufacturing efficiency in end-of-line programming times for specific applications.

It can be programmed using analogue, SAE J2716 SENT, PWM, I2C signals allowing direct programming by a microcontroller in embedded designs and simplifying the interface for end-of-line system calibration.

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