3D ToF sensor aims at mobile authentication

February 25, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
3D ToF sensor aims at mobile authentication
Infineon Technologies AG is presenting the fourth generation of its 3D time-of-flight image sensor under the part number IRS2771C.

The sensor is designed to meet the requirements of the mobile consumer device market including user authentication such as face or hand recognition to unlock the device and confirm payments. In addition, the 3D ToF chip enhances augmented reality, morphing and photo (e.g. bokeh) effects and can be used to scan a room.

The image sensor features a 150 k (448 x 336) pixel output in a package measuring 4.6mm by 5mm. The resolution is four times higher than that of most ToF solutions on the market today. The pixel array is highly sensitive to 940 nm infrared light and includes ambient light suppression technology on a per-pixel basis to enhance outdoor performance.

Infineon has gained expertise in algorithms for processed 3D point clouds through a long-standing partnership with PMD Technologies AG (Siegen, Germany).

"The fruitful collaboration has proven that best-in-class 3D ToF systems are only achievable by designing the depth sensing system from scratch – from cutting edge ToF pixel, imager and module design to advanced signal processing," said Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of PMD Technologies, in a statement, issued by Infineon.

Samples of the chip will be available in March and volume production is scheduled to start in 4Q19.

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