$50 billion in spending on new fabs in 2020

September 16, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
$50 billion in spending on new fabs in 2020
There could be up to $50 billion in capital spending on 18 new wafer fabs in 2020, a 29 percent increase on the $38 billion spend in 2019, according to industry body SEMI.

China will account for most of the investment in 2010 although SEMI classifies 10 of nest year's fab projects – with a total investment value of more than US$35 billion – as carrying a high probability. The other 8 projects with a value of about $14 billion are said to have a low probability of materializing.

After a slow 2019 with only three new fab projects, China will see fab construction starts surge to 11 projects valued at $24 billion in 2020 across all probabilities.

When low-probability projects are excluded, the China count falls to four projects valued at $9.6 billion. By contrast, Taiwan’s new fab projects starting in 2020 are valued at almost $13 billion with Europe and the Mideast planning fab projects valued at over $11 billion the same year.

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