Adaptable off-the-shelf PMICs from AnDapt

December 04, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Adaptable off-the-shelf PMICs from AnDapt
AnDapt Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), a pioneer of configurable ICs that combine power MOSFETs, analog and digital circuitry and that can be used to create a range of power circuits has released a family of five adaptable PMICs.

Using on-chip configurability AnDapt is able to release multiple PMICs with different topologies rapidly and to cover a range of applications while using a single tested and characterized integrated circuit.

Adaptable PMICs can be used as-is by customers without software programming but offer flexibility and time-to-market by eliminating the cost and development time of traditional custom PMICs. They are equivalent to pre-configured and functionalized FPGAs.

They offer a combination of performance, small form factor, flexibility and ease of use. Configuration options are also available using AnDapt’s WebAdapter tool.

The AnD8xxx product family provides PMIC capabilities to power logic chipsets, processors and memory. All products incorporate multiple 6A buck converters, four general purpose LDOs and power management features such as fault protection and sequencing.

The first Adaptable PMICs are:

AnD8400: Four 6A synchronous buck converters

AnD8320: Three 6A synchronous buck converters, two 1A LDOs

AnD8302: Three 6A synchronous buck converters, two 6A load switches

AnD8240: Two 6A synchronous buck converters, four 1A LDOs

AnD8204: Two 6A synchronous buck converters, four 6A load switches

In 1Q19 AnDapt will release six more adaptable PMICs in the AnD7xxx family with current capabilities up to 40A

"Our adaptable technology brings unique topology change capabilities, to address different customer applications, while leveraging the AmP IC," said Kapil Shankar, AnDapt CEO, in a statement.

Adaptable PMICs are also available as “soft” PMICs onAnDapt's On-Demand PMIC WebAmP tools, allowing topology changes, for a fully customized PMIC, without the cost and the development time required with custom PMICs

"By addressing the discrete power devices, the standard power management IC and the custom PMIC markets, AnDAPT is expanding its Total Available Market to

greater than $5 billion” added Shankar.

The product family is offered in QFN packages 5mm by 5mm and 8mm by 8mm footprint sizes.Initial devices are available today, in a 5mm by 5mm thermally enhanced QFN package. Evaluation boards are also available.

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