AI boards in module and PCIe formats

August 17, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
AI boards in module and PCIe formats
Blaize is now sampling embedded and accelerator modules and boards for edge AI built on its graph streaming processor (GSP) architecture offering 16TOPS performance at 7W.

The Blaize embedded and accelerator platforms are built on the the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture designed for the demands of edge computing. With 16 GSP cores and 16TOPS of AI inference performance within a tiny 7W power envelope,

The P1600 Pathfinder embedded system on module (SOM) addresses embedded edge AI applications deployed at the sensor edge, or on the network edge. No host processor is needed for the P1600.

The X1600 platforms are designed to accelerate AI applications at the edge of the enterprise via boards that plug-in to the PCIe slot in a host server or appliance. The X1600E is a small form factor accelerator platform for small and power-constrained environments such as convenience stores or industrial sites. The X1600P is a standard PCIe-based accelerator in a half-height, half-width form factor.

The Blaize AI software suite is built on open standards and comprises the Picasso software development kit (SDK), and AI Studio, a code-free visual interface.

Typical applications for Blaize's approach to AI include: industrial robot control and pose detection; smart city human detection, traffic intersection safety; lidar/radar sensor fusion; human detection in retail and store safety and security.

"Today’s edge solutions are either too small to compute the load or too costly and too hard to productize,” said Dinakar Munagala, co-founder and CEO of Blaize, in a statement. “Blaize AI edge computing products overcome these limitations of power, complexity and cost to unleash the adoption of AI at the edge, facilitating the migration of AI computing out of the data center to the edge."

Customer samples of both product lines are available now with full production expected starting in Q4 2020. The Blaize Xplorer X1600E is available for $299 in volume quantity, the Pathfinder P1600 SOM is available in industrial grade for $399 in volume quantity, and the Blaize Xplorer X1600P is available for $999 in volume quantities

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