Alphawave IP aims for 100 engineers in UK design center

April 22, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Alphawave IP aims for 100 engineers in UK design center
Senior executives at serdes IP licensor Alphawave IP Group plc have indicated they want to employ 100 engineers at a UK design center in Cambridge within a few years.

Alphawave IP is looking open up in Cambridge as part of a process of relocating the company headquarters from Toronto, Canada, to London and staging an initial public offering of shares that could see the company valued at US$4.5 billion (see Alphawave IP plans London IPO, Cambridge design centre).

"When we hire we don't hire in ones and twos," said Tony Pialis the co-founder and CEO of the company, in an interview with eeNews Europe. "We hire a team. For us a team is 20 to 30 people. In the medium-term I would expect to have multiple teams operating out of Cambridge," Pialis said.

Although Alphawave is looking to expand strongly in Cambridge it will continue with design groups it currently operates in Toronto, Mexico and India, the company's executive chairman John Lofton Holt, said.

Since its foundation in 2017 Alphawave IP has been licensing DSP-based serdes blocks and aggressive in terms of manufacturing nodes and allowing it to ride the nodes at 7nm, 6nm and 5nm. The result is rapidly ramping revenues form what the company calls a long list of tier-1 customers.

The company is expecting to branch out into adjacent IP opportunities from the DSP-based serdes that have been its core business to date. Nonetheless Pialis is enthusiastic about continuing in Cambridge what has been started in Toronto. "DSP for high-performance communications is something that has been done in Cambridge. There's a deep pool of DSP talent located in Cambridge," Pialis said.

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