Analog Devices continues to support desktop DNA 'writer'

September 10, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Analog Devices continues to support desktop DNA 'writer'
Analog Devices Inc. has extended an agreement to help Evonetix Ltd. (Cambridge, England) develop its desktop system to synthesize DNA.

The two companies' partnership began in January 2019 with Evonetix working within Analog Garage, ADI's corporate innovation lab. They continue to work towards an integrated solution which includes the MEMS platform, an ASIC to miniaturise the control electronics, and a flow cell.

At the beginning of 2020 Evonetix announced that had partnered with IMEC to take its proprietary microelectromechanical systems chips for DNA synthesis forward to production (see Evonetix partners with IMEC on MEMS-based DNA synthesis platform ).

In March Evonetix announced it had raised $30 million (about £23 million) in Series B round investment. The company said it would use the money for further integration of its DNA synthesis technology and to fund the company through to the introduction of the desktop DNA writer.

Evonetix' approach uses a silicon chip to control the synthesis of DNA at many thousands of reaction sites or ‘pixels’ on a chip surface in parallel.

"The support and expertise of the Analog Garage R&D team has been invaluable in helping us design a complex control ASIC and we now look forward to expanding our collaboration to achieve the commercial scale-up of our platform," said Matthew Hayes, CTO at Evonetix, in a statement.

Synthetic biology could transform such business sectors as pharmaceuticals and drug discovery, industrial biotech, specialty chemicals, agriculture and materials science.

Pat O’Doherty, senior vice president of digital healthcare at Analog Devices, said the collaboration created the opportunity for Analog Devices to enter the synthetic biology market. "Our work together is aimed at increasing the speed and reducing the cost of gene assembly to provide novel strategies that can be used to produce affordable medications and treat a wide range of diseases globally," he said.

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