Analog, MEMS and Sensor startups to follow in 2021

January 04, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Analog, MEMS and Sensor startups to follow in 2021
We have renewed our list of analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow, in the seventh annual iteration of the list. Below are 20 startups to follow in 2021.

Nine companies have been brought in to replace nine departures from last year's list (see Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2020).

The newcomers to the list include companies active in biologically modulated transistors, IP for circuit monitoring, EDA for mixed-signal design, analog artificial intelligence, MEMS for flow sensing, RF and radar circuits and backscatter wireless communications, CMOS image sensors,

Below are 20 startup companies we feel are worth keeping track of during 2021 listed in alphabetical order. New entrants to the list are highlighted with an italic entry.


Agile Analog Ltd. (Cambridge, England) is an analog IP company that was formed in 2017 by CTO Michael Hulse and led by CEO Tim Ramsdale and chairman Peter Hutton. Ramsdale and Hutton were previously senior executives at ARM. The company is now rolling out a growing list of analog circuits suitable for various CMOS and FDSOI manufacturing processes and has welcomed Sir Hossein Yassaie to its board of directors.

(see Configurable analog IP wins slots in IoT wireless transceivers and CEO interview: The importance of being agile)


Cambridge Touch Technology Ltd. (Cambridge, England), founded in 2012, is a provider of 3D multipoint touch technologies to the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial and military markets. CTT supports its OEM and supply chain customers with IP, know-how, analog and digital technologies, and system architectures.

(see Cambridge touchscreen developer attracts Chinese cash)


Cardea Bio Inc. (San Diego, Calif.), founded in 2013, has developed a graphene-based biologically-gated transistor that can read molecules and identify disease markers. The company has partnered with Nanosens Innovations to develop the CISPR-chip, that scan genomes for particular mutations.

(see Biological sensing transistor made available for Covid-19 testing)


Celera Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), founded in 2018, has  developed an AI-based software platform for automated custom Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit development that the company claims improves R&D efficiency by a factor of 100.

(see Artificial intelligence speeds analog/mixed-signal design and AI EDA startup keeps business model options open).


Cista Systems Corp. (San Jose, Calif.), founded in 2013, has developed a number of CMOS image sensors making use of the Chinese foundry SMIC's 0.13-micron BSI technology platform.

(See Image sensor startup teams with SMIC)

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