Apple kicks off European engineer recruitment drive

October 03, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Apple kicks off European engineer recruitment drive
Apple is looking for hardware engineers to work for the company in Europe.

The Apple wants help in the areas of mixed-signal engineering, architecture, graphics processors, camera technology, engineering project management, machine learning, system design and wireless hardware.

Intriguingly in the area of sensors, something for which Europe is well known and where Apple has 68 open positions, there are no European jobs; 66 of the sensors jobs are in Cupertino, California, and two are in Shanghai, China.

The main centres of employment are St Albans in the UK, where Apple set up shop to house the GPU engineering team that had largely come from Imagination Technologies, Munich, Linz in Austria and Herzliya and Haifa in Israel.

The pattern of open positions reflects the areas of development each location is responsible for. There are just two engineering project manager posts open in Europe on the Apple jobs website; a graphics project manager is required in St Albans and a cellular phone project manager in Munich.

Munich generally looking after aspects of baseband, RF and cellular technology. Linz is very definitely an RF specialist location and St Albans is GPU work.

But, of course, if an engineer's CV really impresses Apple there is every possible he or she may be whisked over to Cupertino or San Diego in California where it would seem at least half of all Apple hardware jobs are located. Apple has a long tradition of picking up European and UK engineers including the likes of James Foster, founder of XMOS, who quit his own startup to go and become senior director of engineering for Apple back in 2010.

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