ARM adds Ethos cores to machine learning catalogue

October 23, 2019 // By Peter Clarke
ARM adds Ethos cores to machine learning catalogue
Processor intellectual property licensor ARM Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has renamed its ML processor as the Ethos-N77 and launched two smaller cores in the same series – the Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37.

The N77 delivers up to 4TOPS of performance from 2048 8bit MAC units, scaling to 100s of TOPs in multicore deployments. It has up to 225 percent convolution performance uplift using the Winograd Fourier transform algorithm on 3x3 kernels, delivering up to 90 percent MAC utilization. The efficiency is up to 5TOPs per watt when using distributed internal SRAM, storing data close to the compute elements to save power and reduce DRAM access.

Target applications are computational photograpy, premium smartphones, AR/VR.

The Ethos-N57 is half the size and delivers up to 2TOPS using 1024 8bit MACs again with up to 90 percent utilization under the WFT algorithm. Typical applications would be mainstream smartphones, smart home hubs.

The Ethos-N37 is half the size again and delivers up to 1TOPS from 512 8bit MAC units within a square millimeter of silicon. This might be suitable for voice-command systems, real-time translation in digital TV and other systems.

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