Attopsemi's I-Fuse ported to X-Fab RFSOI process

October 09, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
Attopsemi's I-Fuse ported to X-Fab RFSOI process
A one-time programmable fuse technology that can be used for programmable memory has been qualified on X-Fab's XR013 130nm RFSOI manufacturing process.

The technology is suitable for 5G communications and can be read at both 2.5V and 1.8V for MIPI compatibility, X-Fab said. The fuse technology can be used for analog trimming or data storage in such applictions as 5G New Radio (NR).

Attopsemi claims the I-Fuse is programmed above the electro-migration "threshold" and below thermal runaway making it non-explosive and differentiating it from other fuse technologies. The company has published technical papers on the I-Fuse but does not usually discuss the material it uses for the I-Fuse.

In 2016 it published a paper that sought to define the critical current for the on-set of thermal runaway in such materials as WSi2, TiSi2, CoSi2, and NiSi with metal gates.

The technology has been ported to Globalfoundries 22FDX FDSOI process and has been deployed in sensor ICs by Melexis.

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