Barometric pressure sensor is suitable for wearables, hearables

April 23, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Barometric pressure sensor is suitable for wearables, hearables
Bosch Sensortec has launched its BMP390 barometric pressure sensor, which is suitable for smartphones and other wearable and hearable equipment.

Bosch has supplied barometric pressure sensors for use in smartphones for many years where they are used to determine relative height as a part of inertial measurement dead-reckoning systems (see Pressure sensor enables altitude accuracy to within 8cm ).

The latest device can measure height changes of less than 10cm and is suited to the demands of smartphones, wearables and hearables with a low package height of 0.75mm.

Bosch has collaborated with NextNav LLC, a 3D geolocation service provider. NextNav's Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS) z-axis service also helps determine three-dimensional location and positioning. Accurate z-axis information helps first-responders find people quickly in multi-level and high-rise environments.

"The use of Bosch Sensortec’s latest BMP390 pressure sensor in smartphones, enables a high precision localization service that ultimately has the potential to save thousands of lives," said Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO at Bosch Sensortec, in statement.

The BMP390 provides a typical relative accuracy of ±0.03 hPa with typical absolute accuracy of ±0.5 hPa. The sensor offers a temperature stability across its entire operating temperature and pressure range of 0 to 65C and 700 to 1100 hPa respectively, with an average temperature coefficient offset (TCO) of just ±0.6 Pa/K. Noise has been reduced to 0.9 Pa typical, an improvement of 25 percent relative to the predecessor BMP380.

The package measures 2.0mm by 2.0mm by 0.75mm and power consumption is 3.2 μA at 1 Hz (typical).

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