Book presents an analog wonderland

January 14, 2015 //By Bob Schweber
Book presents an analog wonderland
Bill Schweber reviews the third volume of the Analog Circuit Design series, which is a collection of application notes from Linear Technology Corp.

Thumbing through the third volume of the Analog Circuit Design series, Analog Circuit Design: Design Note Collection (edited by Bob Dobkin and John Hamburger) is a trip to an idyllic, analog-circuit land. The book is divided into chapters by topic – power management, mixed-signal, sensor conditioning, wireless and RF – and has a detailed index which also points to application notes based on keywords. There are so many good circuit ideas and topologies along with analysis of subtleties and design issues, that anyone who is a serious student or practitioner of the art and reality of analog design, whether by choice or mandate, will receive a substantial return on time invested. Since this volume is a compilation of application notes from Linear Technology Corp., the devices used are taken from their product line, of course, but that's almost irrelevant to the benefits.







LTC is not the only vendor to provide numerous and comprehensive application notes covering broad, “eternal” design issues such as understanding and minimizing sources of error in sensor-conditioning circuits, in addition to notes which show how to get maximum performance from specific parts. Analog vendors have been doing this for years: Analog Dialogue and various handbooks from Analog Devices, and the shelf full of blue books from National Semiconductor, prior to their acquisition by Texas Instruments, are just two examples of easily available analog knowledge.

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