Boréas pairs BOS1211 haptic driver with TDK 120V actuator

January 27, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Boréas pairs BOS1211 haptic driver with TDK 120V actuator
Boréas Technologies Inc. has paired its BOS1211 high-voltage piezoelectric driver IC with TDK's PowerHap 120V piezo actuators to demonstrate automotive applications.

These applications can be in automotive entertainment screens or for providing feedback in touch-sensitive steering wheels.

The BOS1211 is base on Boréas’ patented CapDrive technology. The chip is sampling to key customers. To speed design-in of the BOS1211 with TDK 120V PowerHap actuators, Boréas will offer a development kit for piezo haptic feedback in automotive and other applications that require high-force haptic feedback in February 2020.

Boréas argues that drivers respond faster to tactile feedback than to auditory or visual cues. So despite the increase in voice-based machine interfaces haptics are destined to increase in the automotive cockpit. Haptic feedback presents a smaller cognitive load than the audio cues when driving while aurally or verbally distracted, the company said.

"The advent of the digital world has increased our need for haptic feedback, and that’s why we’re seeing multiple Tier 1 automotive manufacturers replacing buttons and touchpads with haptic-feedback touchscreens as well as top automotive suppliers embedding haptics into their new display products," said Simon Chaput, founder and CEO, Boréas Technologies Inc. (Bromont, Quebec, Canada).

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