Bosch Sensortec adds software to Qualcomm BOM

June 03, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Bosch Sensortec adds software to Qualcomm BOM
MEMS sensor provider Bosch Sensortec has added software to the items it supplies for Snapdragon-based smartphones and wearables.

The software is designed to make use of Bosch Sensortec inertial measurement units (IMUs) and environmental sensors. The first offerings are angle detection and air-quality measurement.

The angle detection function is intended for use with foldable smartphones. An improved environmental sensing algorithm works with the Bosch Sensortec Environmental Cluster (BSEC). It operates Bosch Sensortec’s 4-in-1 environmental sensor BME680 and directly calculates compensated outputs for the ambient pressure, temperature, relative humidity as well as the current air quality.

The collaboration enables third parties to integrate Bosch Sensortec algorithms with Qualcomm sensor execution environment, which will lead to simpler software integration into the complex smartphone architecture.

The Qualcomm Sensor Execution Environment is a software framework for running sensor drivers and algorithms. It is designed to run software in a low power domain and optimizes performance.

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