BrainChip founder to focus on 'Akida' chip

December 18, 2017 //By Peter Clarke
BrainChip founder to focus on 'Akida' chip
Peter van der Made, the founder and CTO of BrainChip Holdings Ltd., is set to resign his position on the board of directors of the company, to focus exclusively on the development and introduction of Akida, BrainChip's neuromorphic system-on-chip (NSoC) processor.

Having founded the company in 2011 Van der Made eventually served BrainChip as interim-CEO for several months while recruiting senior management. Louis DiNardo was recruited as CEO in 2016 and Bob Beachler was recruited as senior vice president of marketing and business development in 2017.

Akida is a commercial implementation of a spiking neural network with pre-processing for both real-world signals and digital data. The Spiking Neural Network is a type of artificial neural network that emulates the functionality of the human brain's synapses and neurons. It can be trained using one-shot learning in supervised and unsupervised learning modes, making it applicable to a number of end-market applications including vision systems for civil surveillance, autonomous vehicles, robots and drones, financial technology and cybersecurity.

Van der Made said: "The Akida architecture provides very low latency and operates at very low power. This development represents the integration of our foundational work in SNN technology and the JAST neural architecture and learning rules. Further details of the Akida NSoC will be released in early 2018."

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