Cambridge spin-off gets backing to make 'better' graphene

May 01, 2018 //By Peter Clakrke
Cambridge spin-off gets backing to make 'better' graphene
Paragraf Ltd. (Peterborough, England), a graphene devices startup, has raised £2.9 million (about $4 million) to support development of major contracts.

The money has come from Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, with the participation of Parkwalk Advisors, Amadeus Capital Partners, IQ Capital Partners and angel investors.

Paragraf is a spin-out from the gallium nitride group of Professor Sir Colin Humphreys in the department of materials science at the University of Cambridge It was founded in 2015 and focuses on the production of graphene and other two-dimensional materials and the development of electronic devices based on these materials.

The company is developing a proprietary method to produces high quality graphene layers adapted to commercial end uses. While graphene has shown great potential because it has only been produced in small flakes to-date commercial deployment has been hindered. Paragraf claims to have overcome problems of poor uniformity and reproducibility with an epitaxial method and has produced sensitive detectors and improved efficiency contact layers for existing devices such as LEDs.

Simon Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Paragraf, said: "At Paragraf we have developed the first production technique that allows true scaling of graphene based devices." Hermann Hauser, co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners, remarked: "Paragraf’s novel approach to two-dimensional materials fabrication brings the possibility of mass market graphene based devices a step closer to reality."

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