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July 27, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
CEO interview: The joy of RFSOI with MixComm's Mike Noonen
Mike Noonen, one of the co-founders of the Silicon Catalyst incubator, is CEO at millimeter-wave startup MixComm. The company is set to ride the roll-out of 5G but is no overnight success, Noonen said.

More generally we asked Noonen whether he agreed that there has been a dramatic increase in startup formation around the world in recent years.

"I agree and I am somewhat gratified. When we founded Silicon Catalyst in 2014 we were concerned about what would happen if the number of hardware-based startups dried up. At that time Sand Hill Road was treating silicon like it was plutonium. We wanted to foster an extended, global Silicon Valley. More-than-moore is where it is at. There are so many opportunities that don't need aggressive lithography."

Silicon Catalyst did not single-handedly turn the investment climate around or nurture all the semiconductor startups that are now coming out of stealth, but it did seem to catch and help foster the mood in the second half of the last decade.

But success comes not only from the re-ignition of a vision within the financial community. That's a vital component but not the only one. "MixComm did not happen overnight. DARPA focused on fundamental research over many years. IBM, Qualcomm and Globalfoundries have leveraged that research and that creates the opportunity for MixComm," said Noonen.

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