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March 29, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
CEO interview: Nantero's Schmergel says NRAM production is close
Nantero Inc. (Woburn, Mass.), founded in 2001, has been ploughing a painstaking path towards the introduction of its carbon nanotube (CNT) based non-volatile memory technology. eeNews Europe caught up with CEO Greg Schmergel and asked about progress.

Nantero could be described as the oldest startup in town having raised more than $110 million in venture capital over its 17 year history. More recently, it announced raising $30 million in June 2015 and $21 million in December 2016, raising the possibility that more money will be required to get NRAM over the line and into production.

"Later this year we do expect to raise another round of funding. We have seven strategic investors plus a new customer with a strong desire to invest. It is natural that once a customer is on-board they want to share in the ownership of the technology."

And, it seems, that one more year is required for NRAM to come into production. Which after seventeen years of R&D is perhaps not so long to wait.

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