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June 22, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
CEO interview: Preparing for the on-chip feedback revolution
Stephen Crosher, co-founder and CEO, of Moortec Semiconductor Ltd. (Plymouth, England), is preparing his company to play its part in providing the essential feedback for dynamic modification of the behaviour of individually characterized chips.

And these opportunities are certainly present with multi-cored processors and are, perhaps, even greater within artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerators. In short on-chip monitoring is becoming part of the essential feedback mechanism within dynamic behavioural systems made in silicon.

Does that mean there is scope for a greater digital element in what Moortec is providing in the form of IP, even providing on-chip analytics and machine learning?

Crosher responded: "The use of AI in our sector is probably a few steps away. But it is true that we are producing data and the users want useful information or calls to action. Data telemetry from the chip needs to be presented in a compressed and more meaningful way."

Does Moortec support other foundries apart from TSMC and what about fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FDSOI) processes?

"In our history we have also supported SMIC, UMC and Globalfoundries," Crosher replied. "We recognise that TSMC is leading the market with a progressive customer base. For many years, TSMC has been pushing the most advanced technology nodes, which aligns with our strategy of seeking to be first to market with sensing solutions, delivering to tier-1s initially."

Moving on to FDSOI he said: "FDSOI is an interesting technology, with in-chip monitoring solutions linking well with dynamic back-biasing schemes. We continually assess opportunities within this space."

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