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June 22, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
CEO interview: Preparing for the on-chip feedback revolution
Stephen Crosher, co-founder and CEO, of Moortec Semiconductor Ltd. (Plymouth, England), is preparing his company to play its part in providing the essential feedback for dynamic modification of the behaviour of individually characterized chips.

Crosher takes an optimistic stance on the Covid-19 pandemic. "During lockdown there has been increased demand for consumer devices. The AI market is not slowing down. There has been a slowdown in industrial and automotive markets but that means we could be due a market bounce back. In any case products in these areas are on two- or three-year development cycles.

Crosher's take is that, barring a significant second wave, the pandemic will have a six- to 12-month impact on global GDP. "We are very lucky because we have the ability to work from home and we work in the semiconductor industry, which is so dynamic. We'll be able to weather this."

So what about the future for Moortec?

"We wanted to do something special and meaningful. We feel we have that now. So, we're looking to grow rapidly. We have a plan to get to 170 people in the next few years. And we will look at all options to accelerate that," Crosher said.

The UK has a number of IP companies beside ARM and Imagination Technologies Ltd. Smaller, more specialist IP licensors include such firms as: Agile Analog, SureCore, UltraSoC and there is Imperas in the area of high-speed digital simulation. Would it create value, or a degree of protection against acquisition, for some or all of these small private UK companies to unite to form a larger company?

"There are many IP players in the UK and that is due to the quality of the innovative talent here. But we [Moortec] are holding our position. You have to be careful about retaining focus. But certainly collaborations can be very interesting," said Crosher.

Crosher concluded: "We talked earlier about chip life-cycle assessment with the ability to predict end of life and prevent failure in operation as part of the information revolution. That will take specialist players in monitoring, analysis and other areas, but collaboration can address that opportunity."

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