CEO interview: Vicor powers after higher volume applications

November 26, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
CEO interview: Vicor powers after higher volume applications
Patrizio Vinciarelli, is one of the longest serving CEOs in electronics, having founded Vicor in 1981 and led the company ever since. At Electronica he told EE Times Europe that his company is investing to broaden its horizons.

Vicor Corp. (Andover, Mass.) is looking to manufacture its power supply components in Asia, either by building its own factory or by licensing its technology and allowing another company to manufacture there. But most importantly the company wants to build out from the large numbers of high value, relatively low volume applications that have been its traditional home ground and into larger volume markets in computing, automotive and even consumer electronics.



So said CEO Patrizio Vinciarelli when eeNews Europe called to speak with him on the Vicor booth at the Electronica exhibition in Munich, earlier this month.

Patrizio Vinciarelli, president, CEO and chairman of Vicor Corp.


Vicor emerged in the 1980s with what was, at the time an innovative brick-like approach to high-efficiency switch-mode power conversion called zero current switching. Since then the company has expanded and enhanced its offering to cover a complete range of power products from the wall plug and ac/dc conversion via one or multiple dc/dc conversion stages to regulation at the point-of-load.


Vinciarelli who founded Vicor in 1981, has served as president, CEO and chairman of the board ever since. Having received a doctorate of physics from the University of Rome Vinciarelli worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN before becoming a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey from 1977 to 1980.


Vinciarelli told eeNews Europe that Vicor is in a transition phase as it seeks to build out from its origins in high efficiency, highly-featured power supplies for professional applications. While it wants to continue to serve, communications, defense, mil-aero and industrial applications it is making ground data center server racks, in automotive and other higher volume applications, said Vinciarelli.

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