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October 04, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
Cerfe needs partners for bulk-switching memory success
Here comes the latest the memory startup eager to show it can be the breakthrough in non-volatile memory that industry needs; even the 'universal' memory that can replace everything from SRAM to long-term storage.

Wonder materials for non-volatile memories have been pitched for decades. They range from the 40-year R&D gestation of chalcogenide phase change memory through carbon nanotubes and on to the umpteen flavors of ionic migration and filamentary resistive RAM we see today.

As such technologies get closer to commercial viability their developers are sometimes reluctant to expose details by academic publication. As a result the first sign of success for such technologies tends to be the sign-up of partners and customers who have done private due dilligence. This may be particularly true in the case of Cerfe, which needs partners for pilot-scale and/or commercial-scale wafer processing to show what it can do. So the names of the first strategic partners, investors and customers are awaited with interest.

As an aspiring intellectual property licensor Cerfe Labs is not so different its parent. But to judge from previous memory technologies it has long road ahead. If all goes well it might be able to contribute in a major way to the 2nm semiconductor node for which a number of materials decisions are up for debate.

Cerfe needs active, enthusiastic partners to prevent it ending up as a curiosity at the side of the semiconductor roadmap. But as the company is staffed with ARM alumni the building of an ecosystem in support of their technology should be second nature.

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