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June 09, 2020 //By Gary Giust, of SiTime Corp.
Chill out with MEMS TCXOs at high temperatures
Gary Giust, of SiTime Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.), explains why a MEMS-based timing device fulfilling the role of a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) is a good choice for high-temperature applications that demand reliability.

As described above, a MEMS-based TCXO has the capability to cover all required deployment temperatures. The ability to gracefully degrade when operating beyond its rated temperature range makes a MEMS TCXO a more reliable, stable device than a quartz TCXO.

It also means that a single design can be used in equipment deployed anywhere in the world. These qualities not only reduce development time, but also streamline logistics and enhance customer support.

Gary Giust, is a senior manager of product markeing with SiTime Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.)

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