China warns France, UK over discriminating against Huawei

February 10, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
China warns France, UK over discriminating against Huawei
China has taken the offensive over Huawei warning both France and the UK not to discriminate against the supplier of telecommunications equipment.

The Chinese ambassador to France posted on the website of the Chinese embassy in Paris stating that discrimination based on country of origin was against free market principles and a disguised form of protectionism. He also hinted at retaliatory action when he wrote: "We do not want to see the development of European companies in the Chinese market affected because of the discrimination and protectionism of France and other European countries towards Huawei."

The open letter made reference to media reports that indicate France may be about to follow President Trump's line of banning Huawei equipment on security grounds.

Meanwhile the UK, which has opted a half-way position by allowing Huawei equipment to be used at the very edge of the network for things such as antennas but not in the core of the network was also blasted.

China's ambassador to the UK, accused senior Conservative party Members of Parliament who have spoken out against the UK government's decision as conducting a "witch hunt" against Huawei.

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