CMOS-like InGaAs image sensor captures both visible and SWIR light

May 29, 2020 // By Julien Happich
image sensor
Distributor ATD Electronique announced that Sony has developed a cutting edge sensor technology combining visible wavelength and SWIR. Existing SWIR image sensors are heavily behind from CMOS image sensors in their electro-optical performance.

The high number of defect pixels requires intensive image quality correction. They also need outer memory and pre-memorizing for dark current compensation. Other issues are the large pixel size between 10~20μm; their restriction to 0.9~1.7μm wave length and a still high price level. Sony was able to dramatically reduce pixel size to 5μm enabling lower costs and higher resolution. Another major improvement in the new Sony SWIR solution is the guaranteed waveband from 0.4~1.7μm that enables capturing both visible and SWIR light in one single sensor and eliminates the need to install a second camera for visible light. The new Sony SWIR sensors IMX990 for SXGA and IMX991 for VGA implement OPB ready and the outer memory results in a much lower real-time dark level. Sony also dramatically improved image quality compared to existing SWIR sensors by eliminating defects, shading and stripes through easy non-uniformity correction in a CMOS like flat layout. In terms of functionality the new Sony SWIR sensors are designed similarly to the digital Pregius sensor line and offer rich built in functions. Both sensors will be available in the two packaging types ceramic LGA (uncooled) and ceramic PGA with built-in thermoelectric cooling.

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