Codasip wins RISC-V business in motor control ICs

April 23, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Codasip wins RISC-V business in motor control ICs
Codasip Ltd. (Brno, Czech Republic), a developer of RISC-V based processor intellectual property, has licensed its Bk3 processor to Dongwoon Anatech Co. Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea) a developer of autofocus motor control ICs for use in mobile phone cameras.

Dongwoon Anatech, a fabless analog semiconductor specialist, offers a wide range of analog products, including auto-focus driver IC for smartphones, AMOLED DC-DC converter, display power driver IC, and haptic driver IC.

The Bk3 processor features a single 3-stage in-order execution processor pipeline, and offers optional caches, IEEE 1149.1 debug, and industry-standard bus interfaces.

"Analysis of the computational needs of our application showed that the RISC-V instruction set with custom DSP extensions was able to deliver the performance we require while keeping silicon area to a minimum," said Jin Park, CTO of Dongwoon Anatech, in a statement issued by Codasip. "The best-in-class Studio development tools enable us to profile our software and find an optimal set of instructions for our application."

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