Dresden NVM startup raises funds

July 05, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Dresden NVM startup raises funds
Ferroelectric Memory Company (Dresden, Germany), a startup company developing hafnium-oxide base non-volatile memory technology, has raised €4.6 million in a venture capital round led by eCapital Entrepreneurial Partners AG with participation from High-Tech Gründerfonds.

FMC said it would use the money to expand its team and for development of products. The company said its ferroelectric non-volatile memory will be useful as on-chip memory for microcontrollers used in IoT applications across industry sectors from consumer to automotive and aviation.

The incumbent non-volatile memory, flash, is complex to implement and is not expected to scale to leading-edge processes. In contrast FMC’s memory technology is directly derived from standard CMOS technology and is area efficient without requiring many extra mask sets.

FMC is preparing an intellectual property business model in which it offers integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless chip companies the use of its patent-protected Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor (FeFET) technology.

FeFETs use the ferroelectric properties of hafnium oxide – which is traditionally deployed in CMOS only as an insulator – to transform standard CMOS transistors into memory cells. They also can scale with Moore's law while being low power and offering temperature stability.

FMC reckons the key to adoption of its technology is its use to enable the miniaturization of microcontrollers and artificial intelligence processors.

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