€3m project to boost neuromorphic AI

April 21, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Europe spends €3 million in neuromorphic R&D around SynSense
CEA-Leti has announced an EU project to develop algorithms and electronic devices and circuits to form analog spiking processors that mimic biological neural systems.

The MEM-Scales neuromorphic project included researchers from Leti in France, IMEC in Belgium, IBM Zurich and the Chinese-backed Swiss startup SynSense.

The MeM-Scales researchers plan to build novel memory and device technologies and autonomous learning algorithms to support on-chip learning for both synapses and neurons. This would be done with a view to merging biological and electronic sensing and computation in such applications as distributed environmental monitoring, implantable medical diagnostic microchips, wearable electronics and human-computer interaction.

The results will be used to build neuromorphic computing systems that can process efficiently real-world sensory signals and natural time-series data in real-time and to demonstrate this with a practical laboratory prototype. This will enable low-power and always-on IoT and edge-computing computing processing systems for applications do not need to, or cannot afford to, connect to the cloud.

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