Europe spends €92 million on 11 graphene projects

December 12, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Europe spends €92 million on 11 graphene projects
Europe's 'Graphene Flagship' initiative is supplying €45 million for graphene commercialization projects with such companies as Airbus, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, Lufthansa Technik, Siemens, and ABB. The partner companies will spend €47 million.

The €92 million budget is intended to pay for eleven new spearhead projects.

Overall Graphene Flagship is a billion-euro project intended to last from 2013 to 2023 and has more than 145 academic and industrial research groups in 21 countries.

One of the approved projects is GRAPES, which is focussed on the stability of graphene-based perovskite solar panels. The project includes 2D materials startup BeDimensional SpA (Genoa, Italy) and is expected to take efficiency to record levels.

The AUTOVISION project is set to develop vision sensors for autonomous vehicles and includes Aixtron of the UK and Veoneer of Sweden. Veoneer is a 2018 spin-off from Autoliv focused on safety, ADAS and automated driving.

The Metrograph project led by Nokia and including Finisar is chartered with developing a graphene-based photonic transceiver to lower power consumption at high frequencies. The main goal is to develop a wavelength agnostic, wide spectrum 200G coherent optical transceiver, including both the transmitter and receiver, based on graphene photonic chips.

Through a national funding mechanism that allows collaboration to extend outside the European Union Mellanox Ltd. of California and Israel will participate in a project targeting the development of lidar for self-driving cars and other applications, enabled by graphene.

"Each of the eleven new initiatives will be led by key Graphene Flagship industrial partners. This will pave the way towards the commercialisation of the prototypes when the projects end in 2023," said Jari Kinaret, director of Graphene Flagship, in a statement.

Other European flagship initiatives with billion-euro budgets include the Human Brain Project and the Quantum Flagship.

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