Europe's 6G vision laid out in white paper

June 07, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Europe's 6G vision laid out in white paper
The 5G Industry Association has published a white paper laying out its vision for a 6G network ecosystem, edited by its 'Vision and Societal Challenges Work Group'.

6G is expected to usher in an era of immersive communications with extensive use of AR and VR from some time around 2030.

The 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) represents the private side of the 5GPPP just as the European Commission the public side.

The White Paper, which can be downloaded below, explains how 6G is expected to play a key role in the evolution of society towards the 2030s, as the convergence between the digital, physical and personal worlds will increasingly become a reality.

Key features of 6G will include intelligent connected management and control functions, programmability, integrated sensing and communication, reduction of energy footprint, trustworthy infrastructure, scalability and affordability. The development of Europe-based 6G infrastructures, solutions and services will be of key importance to secure European strategic autonomy in critical technologies and systems.

The white paper also presents possible opportunities and obstacles related to 6G as well as a series of recommendations for both policy makers and businesses.

"At this critical time, as research beyond 5G is starting around the world, this white paper is an important document on the road to 6G. This document encapsulates the European view on what 6G should be and indicates the direction of how we can get there," said Colin Willcock, chairman of the board of directors of the 5G IA.

Europe has set aside €900 million (about US$1.1 billion) to support research into 6G and smart network activities over the period 2021 to 2027.

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