'Exit interview' with Carlo Bozotti of STMicroelectronics

June 13, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
'Exit interview' with Carlo Bozotti of STMicroelectronics
Carlo Bozotti retired as president and chief executive officer of STMicroelectronics NV at the end of May 2018 after 41 years and 4 months at the company.

Bozotti was CEO of ST for the last 13 of those years and oversaw the creation of ST-Ericsson, the 50:50 joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson focusing on semiconductors and platforms for mobile applications. Although this venture was unsuccessful Bozotti then drove the turnaround of the company with a shift towards more stable, longer-term markets such as automotive and industrial electronics and revenues growing 20 percent in 2017.

Peter Clarke met Bozotti shortly after his retirement from ST to look back at a long career and ask "What next for Carlo Bozotti?"

eeNews: Where were you born and educated?

Carlo Bozotti: Close to Milan in a place called Noviglio in 1952. I went to elementary school there and at age 11 I had to take a bus to Pavia to go to junior high school, then to liceo scientifico. I also went to university there. Liceo scientifico is a form of specialised secondary school in Italy.

eeNews: What drew you to study science, engineering?

Carlo Bozotti: I liked physics and maths in high school and so I went on to take electronic engineering at university. We were the class of 71 and many of us still meet up a couple of times a year. The first couple of years were general but then the next three years the course was more specialized; quantum physics, semiconductor device operation, lasers and advanced optics and so on. We were already looking at integrated circuits and we made a discrete device as part of the course. We even talked about digital electronics.

And one of the assistant professors there also worked at SGS, as it was then.

eeNews: Can you remember the discrete device you made?

Carlo Bozotti: Yes, it was a 5A, 400Vceo bipolar power transistor. We were working on the optimization of the switching times. It was only a bidimensional study but very interesting. I can even remember the part number. It was a BU126-type device, which was used for power supplies in television.

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