Five things you want your DMM to support in 2021

April 23, 2021 // By Andrea Vinci
Five things you want your DMM to support in 2021
Andrea Vinci, European technical marketing manager for Tektronix, discusses how fast-developing IT infrastructure is changing what is possible from the digital multimeter and what features users should expect to see.

Digital multimeters (DMMs) are among the most widely used pieces of electronics test equipment today, used in everything from electrical testing for the home, laboratories, field service, to bench instruments, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor testing, factories automated setup and much more. DMMs are traditionally used to measure electrical values. Even the cheapest DMMs today, with basic resolution, typically may support features like auto ranging and a back-lit or color display. In addition to mandatory voltage and current (AC/DC) measurements, they may support measurements of resistance, temperature, frequency, and capacitance.

Technological advances have increased the demand for DMM functionality, especially for units used in lab benches. For 2021 and beyond, these are the five features you definitely want to consider in your digital multimeter:

     Cloud connectivity: the ability to seamlessly export data outside the unit without the use of USB sticks, but directly streaming data to some cloud repository and Interactive virtual dashboards for clear data visualization.

     Large sensitive displays and touch-screen interfaces on the unit.

     Programmability, to allow the unit making decisions based on data locally acquired, and mostly to speed up execution of complex actions including the control of other satellite units.

     A comprehensive software suite to control the unit from the laptop and create automated reports.

      A fast digitizer for the capture of transients without missing any data.

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