FPGA-SoC comes with Bluetooth radio

November 12, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
FPGA-SoC comes with Bluetooth radio
Gowin Semiconductor Corp. (Guangzhou, China) has released its GW1NRF-4 FPGA which integrates a Bluetooth 5.0 low energy radio.

The GW1NRF-4 provides a 4k LUT FPGA fabric, a 32-bit power-optimized ARC processor and a Bluetooth Low Energy radio in a 6mm by 6mm package. This provides a platform with flexible I/O for sensors, audio, camera and display interfaces, FPGA resources for parallel computing and acceleration, and a microcontroller for control, configuration, and power management.

GW1NRF-4 includes a power management unit, which allows for various power modes along with a full-chip disable feature to turn off the device while consuming 5nA.

"With this new device, embedded designers can wirelessly connect IoT devices to cloud gateways or other handheld devices via Bluetooth LE," said Scott Casper, director of sales for the Americas at Gowin Semiconductor, in a statement. "In addition, deployed FPGAs can be programmed in the field through the Bluetooth LE connection, allowing system upgrades without the need for major maintenance expenses," he added.

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